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Differences between Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, and Premier

QuickBooks is THE best choice for business finance software most small business can make. Why?

- Most Help Available. Because it enjoys an 80-85% market share, QuickBooks has the most online and offline help available. This is crucial - your business cannot afford to get stuck with an accounting problem, and this is just what could happen by selecting a little-supporting accounting software package. Get the help you need quickly and easily by choosing QuickBooks.

- Minimal Accounting Terminology. Imagine needing to learn cumbersome accounting terminology in order to use your software! Intuit has done an outstanding job eliminating most of the normal accounting terminology used for day-to-day bookkeeping. You can spend your time doing what actually needs to be done, rather than trudging through a new set of vocabulary words.

- Intuitive Processes. Intuit..... Intuitive.... QuickBooks has always been known as the most intuitive accounting package available, and as the years go by this is more and more true. Easy Entry: Transactions are entered on screens that look like forms, such as Invoices, checks, sales receipts, vendor bills, credit card receipts, etc.

- Downloadable: Download QuickBooks files (.qbo) directly from your financial institution. No more manual entry of credit card or checking account transactions.

- Easy Navigation: Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2006 and up have an effective flow chart on the Home Page. This help users understand what to do, and when to do it.

- Scalability. This means that the smallest business can begin with Simple Start. As the business grows, it can upgrade to Pro, then Premier, and finally Enterprise, which can handle accounting tasks for many of the largest "small businesses." Upgrading in this manner preserves the historical data, while adding needed features.

See Also: You cannot open a Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions file with a non-Enterprise product

Enterprise Premier Pro
# of simultaneous users Up to 30 Up to 5 Up to 5
Data file size 1 GB or more 150-200 MB max 150-200 MB max
Create & e-mail quotes YES YES YES
Create & e-mail sales orders YES YES NO
Create & e-mail invoices YES YES YES
Create & e-mail purchase orders YES YES YES
Optimized for larger data files and network usage YES NO NO
Print checks, pay bills and manage expenses YES YES YES
Track sales and customer payments YES YES YES
Track credit cards YES YES YES
Track sales taxes YES YES YES
Manage payroll, payroll taxes and direct deposits YES YES YES
Set reminders and create to do lists YES YES YES
One-click business reports 150+ industry-specific 150+ industry-specific 100+
Import data from previous versions of QuickBooks YES YES YES
Import data from Excel YES YES YES
Import data from Quicken YES YES YES
Import data from Peachtree YES YES YES
Download bank and credit card transactions YES YES YES
Multiple currency capabilities YES YES YES
Create a business plan YES YES NO
Create a budget YES YES YES
Forecast sales and expenses YES YES NO
Customize your invoices and other forms YES YES YES
Create industry-specific reports YES YES NO
Track inventory, set reorder points YES YES YES
Create inventory assemblies and bills of material YES YES NO
Track inventory in multiple warehouses, serial/lot # tracking, bar coding YES NO NO
Free 10GB secure online data backup plan YES NO NO
Keep your office and field service techs in sync and accept mobile payments YES NO NO


Expedited Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversion Service: $449.00

  • Turnaround time is 3 to 8 hours or same-day service on weekends!
  • Guaranteed success, or no charge
Buy Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Expedited Conversion Service

Standard Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversion Service: $299.00

  • Turnaround time is less than 24 hours -- most files are turned around within 8 hours!
  • Guaranteed success, or no charge
Buy Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Standard Conversion Service

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Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversion Service works for Windows and Mac data files. For conversion of multiple files, please contact us for a bulk discount.

QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise and Intuit are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc. QuickBooks Export is an independant provider of QuickBooks related services and is not affiliated with Intuit.


"We used E-Tech after being told by QuickBooks that our file was "unrepairable". E-Tech received our file on a Friday afternoon and had it completely restored by Sunday morning. Using them saved our company thousands of hours of data re-entry and countless headaches. Their service was prompt, courteous, and helpful, I would definitely recommend E-Tech to anyone having trouble with QuickBooks and finds their Data Recovery Services unsatisfactory. QB should take a lesson from their book! Thanks E-Tech!"

Ivy Burford CEO, HeadRoom Corporation

Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro Conversion Testimonial
"I have received the email and downloaded the file and verified its error free and work great. Thanks so much for your quick service."

Andrew Mayers Greendale Railing Co. Inc.

Quickbooks Enterprise to Premier Conversion Testimonial
"I found your service to be very professional, prompt and customer friendly. If I need a service such as yours in the future, I will definitively choose to work with you again. Feel free to use me as a very positive reference."

Darren Williams Innovative Container Corp.